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Transforming Energy Management Across 24 Schools

Number of Academies: 24
Location: South London, Berkshire, Bristol, Plymouth, and Gloucestershire
Client since: 2019
Services Provided: Energy Strategy, Energy Procurement, Utility Dashboards, Bill Validation, Decarbonisation Audits, Project & Programme Management, Building Surveying, Design Team Services, Principal Designer Services, Contract Administration, Clerk of Works & Cost Management.
Commission Scope: Energy Strategy Development followed by implementation of PV, LED, Controls and M&E upgrades £3.5 million

In 2020 the Board of Trustees saw opportunities for both financial savings and reducing carbon emissions by over 45%. Through a collaborative approach working with Barker / Eo , and Ginger Energy, solutions have been provided to transform the Trust’s energy usage profile, enhance, and meet government carbon reduction targets and save money.

The Solution:

The team developed solutions around three key areas:

  • Energy procurement strategy
  • Energy reduction technologies
  • Energy generation projects

The programme included a coordinated energy procurement strategy to achieve best value on the investment. The team used its existing knowledge and experience of previous installations and standard parameters to model the potential for energy saving schemes across the whole estate. The study identified that the replacement of lighting with LED units at 19 academies and the installation of photovoltaic arrays across a further 15 academies.

Key Project Points

Barker and Ginger Energy worked closely with the Greenshaw Learning Trust to provide the following work on the commission:

  • Energy Procurement and Contract Management and Bill Validation
  • Providing advice and guidance to the client on achieving net zero carbon across its estates
  • Utility, Decarbonisation and Estates Dashboards
  • Strategic options appraisal of viable forms of renewable energy sources and energy saving methods.
  • Grant / funding management with operational lease energy schemes
  • Energy Audit and Strategic options appraisal of viable forms of renewable energy sources and energy saving methods
  • Post installation monitoring & advisory support to the client.

Outcomes Achieved

Due to the capital works that have been completed across the Trust’s estate, future carbon reductions of 55,000 tonnes of CO2 and over c.£9 million in savings over the next 20 years are expected. In addition, prior to our team’s expert advice the Trust were facing an impending increase in electricity costs that it needed to mitigate. If these works had not been completed funds would have been removed from other areas of investment such as to the Trust’s estates and teaching provisions. These substantial savings can now be targeted towards benefiting the future of the pupils within the Trust. Other benefits that the Trust will incur will include a reduction in maintenance costs due to the funding model adopted, whereby the selected academies will have zero maintenance costs in relation to lighting for the next 13 years.

"We installed the Mindsett Prism to help find energy efficiency opportunities but it ended up preventing a school closure. By identifying plant that was close to failure we were able to replace a main pumpset in a controlled way saving us money and avoiding huge operational disruption."
- Carl Wyatt – Site Manager, Corby Business Academy

Our Solutions

Our solutions empower transformation in asset and energy management, achieving levelling up agendas and facilitating the implementation of place-based decarbonisation programmes on a large scale, quickly and effectively.

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