TEEAM Alliance Joins the Net Zero Accelerator Programme

There is increasing pressure for decarbonisation across all sectors of the UK economy to meet the government’s net zero target by 2050. Since education is the largest emitter of carbon from buildings in the public sector, it’s crucial that changes are made to help schools reduce carbon emissions and implement sustainability practices.

The latest initiative launched by LocatED at the start of November is the Net Zero Accelerator Programme. This scheme is not just welcomed by the education sector, but is essential to meet carbon reduction targets. Barker and the TEEAM Alliance, in collaboration with Lloyds Bank and Ashden Climate Solutions, were successful in winning a place in the feasibility study for the Net Zero Accelerator programme.

The Net Zero Accelerator Programme

LocatED was commissioned by the Department for Education (DfE) to create and run the Net Zero Accelerator programme. This programme is designed to assist responsible bodies by funding and delivering decarbonisation initiatives across education estates, supporting a more sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

With comprehensive support, responsible bodies can effectively reduce carbon emissions and promote energy efficiency. The Net Zero Accelerator programme will take some pressure off their shoulders, reducing the amount of time and resources they need to put into implementing practical solutions for decarbonisation.

The Feasibility Study

To ensure a commercially viable programme can be rolled out, a feasibility study is taking place. On the 6th of November, a comprehensive study started to explore the potential decarbonisation interventions that could be delivered under the Net Zero Accelerator programme.

Following an evaluation of energy consumption and carbon emission levels, potential decarbonisation solutions can be identified. Things such as procurement options and project timelines will all be considered, as will the cost of delivery and available funding options. This enables future cost savings, income generation and return on investment to be calculated, helping to determine the viability of the Net Zero Accelerator programme going forward. Ultimately, the feasibility study will ensure it can be rolled out at pace in the future.

The organisations appointed to deliver the feasibility study will develop proposals for ten schools by the end of the year. A report will then be compiled by the end of February 2024 with a potential trial roll-out starting in Spring 2024.

Our Integrated Approach

Barker, in consortia with the TEEAM Alliance members, Lloyds Bank and Ashden Climate Solutions, was one of the five organisations chosen by LocatED and the DfE to participate in the feasibility study. Each expert in the consortium brings unique education-specific insight to the table, helping to deliver innovative decarbonisation solutions.

The TEEAM Alliance’s involvement in the Net Zero Accelerator programme is a prime example of how our integrated approach is working. By combining expertise across different domains, the alliance is perfectly positioned to drive meaningful change in the way schools operate and contribute to the overall goal of a carbon-neutral future. The inclusion in the Net Zero Accelerator programme is a testament to TEEAM’s commitment to creating a sustainable future.

Stuart White, Managing Partner at Barker said;

“The Net Zero Accelerator programme is a huge opportunity to create a step change in the carbon reduction journey for the Education sector. To be involved in this feasibility study for the Department for Education and LocatED is a testament to our team’s commitment to shaping a sustainable future for our schools, academies and the whole country. Barker are delighted to embark on this transformative journey with our consortium team members, driving innovation and paving the way for a net-zero future in education.”

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